301 Redirects

What in the world is a 301 redirect, and how can it help me change web address?

301 redirects signA 301 Redirect is used to divert your website traffic from the old pages of your website to the new pages of your website. One would ask what the need to do that is. Suppose you have a website that already has very good traffic coming to it and it is dated. As the website owner, you would like to keep updating and redesigning it on a regular basis to change the look and feel of your website and attract more traffic. It also gives your customers something new to look forward to. Now you do not want to lose your current website traffic simple because you have redesigned or updated your web pages. In such a scenario, a 301 Redirect is used - you can read more at This safely redirects your website traffic to the new web pages and you do not lose any traffic.

A 301 redirect also helps you in maintaining your search engine ranking even though your web pages/website has undergone some change. 301 Redirects can be construed as moved permanently. 301 Redirect can be used in a situation when you have merged two websites as well. Using this, the links to the old URL can be redirected to the right pages. Another scenario where the 301 Redirect is useful is when users access your website through different URLs. In such a case you can choose your favourite URL and redirect users from other URLs to your preferred URL. This enables a smooth transition.

301 Redirect Domain is a way of redirecting traffic from one domain to the other. It is important to redirect domain (you can read more at because two URLs, one of which is a non www URL can use 301 Redirect Domain to redirect website traffic to a www URL because certain search engines will consider them as different URLs. It also becomes significant to ascertain the kind of server you are using. After ascertaining the kind of server you are using, the server hosting your website is instructed to redirect web traffic smoothly.


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