Choosing the right Camper Trailer

Choosing Between an Aluminium Camper Trailer and a Regular Camping Trailer - Advantages and Disadvantages

aluminium camper trailer

To understand whether to choose an aluminium camper trailer or a regular one, it is important to outline the advantages and disadvantages of each type of camper trailer and based on the use of the camper trailer, one can decide which camper trailer would suit their purpose. The purpose of a camper trailer is to make your travel or your holiday more convenient, enjoyable and safe. A camping trailer gives you good storage space, it gives you a safe and secure environment to sleep and store your valuables and it gives you immense freedom while travelling. You do not have the obligation of staying back at different hotels or camping in a tent, which could be unsafe, especially if you are in the outbacks. Therefore while choosing a trailer a few good to have features in these camper trailers would be:

  • Rust proof body – The grade of aluminium used should be rust proof such as those used in GIC Camper Trailers aluminium range: This makes the life of your camper trailer longer. You no longer have to be concerned about the weather and the life of your camper trailer . Your trailer can face rough weather and yet have lesser wear and tear compared to a regular camper trailer body. This makes it safer to use since the chances of you getting hurt by a rusted camper is higher versus getting hurt by a rust proof camper trailer body. This can help avoid any untoward injuries
  • It should be easy to maneuver – An aluminium body makes for a light yet strong camper trailer body. The light weight of the camper trailer is good for maneuverability. The camper trailer becomes easy to pull on uneven roads and surfaces and even jumps potholes or rain puddles easily. No matter how twisted the road is, if your camping trailer is fitted correctly with a towbar in the right place, you have an easy to maneuver camping trailer
  • Ease to tow camper trailers is another must have. This is again due to the light weight of aluminium compared to other metals such as galvanized steel. If camper trailers are easy to tow they call for less stress and more pleasure during a camping holiday
  • Another important feature of a camper trailer is the ability to reflect light and heat. This does not make the camper trailer heat up and cause discomfort. If you happen to have an air conditioned camping trailer, then a metal that reflects heat becomes more useful since it does not heat up and there is less pressure on the air conditioner. It keeps the interiors of the camper trailer more comfortable and good for outdoor stay. This is especially good for people travelling towards the outbacks, where the weather is quite unpredictable. This holds well for aluminium camper trailers since they have the advantage of having a high reflectivity of heat and light compared to steel camper trailers

GIC Camper Trailers is a good place to start when looking for a quality aluminium camper trailer at a reasonable price. Their website includes quite a lot of detail on choosing the camper trailer model that best suits your needs. You should also run a Google search for 'Camper Trailers' and consider the various trailers available in Australia.


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