Tall Shoes for Short Men

Elevator shoes for men. Want that first impression to count?

mens height first impression

The description of handsome men from time immemorial has always been preceded by adjectives such as tall and dark. Women have always found taller men to be more appealing because of their confidence and the way they carry themselves. Taller men also stand out in a crowd and people tend to notice them more. When a tall man walks with his female partner, she also feels protected and more confident of herself. Shorter men mostly find it difficult to find woo the women they want to be with. The actors, models and sportsmen who are successfully are normally tall and athletic and that is what makes them more attractive and better sportsmen.

Have you noticed that all the basketball players, soccer players, athletes are usually tall people. People in sports like javelin throw, high jump, lawn tennis, volleyball etc always have the advantage of height. Some of you would remember the days at school and college where you were identified by how tall or short you were. Whereas those who were taller had a definite advantage in terms of presence and confidence those who were shorter would always feel insignificant. In a job in the corporate world, those who are taller than others would usually command more authority wherever they stood. Their charisma quotient becomes higher by virtue of their height. The shorter employees are very self conscious of their appearance and would appear as more nervous. Most of the top actors and actresses of movie industry are also relatively taller and more attractive.

So does that mean that shorter men do not stand a chance at finding themselves a woman who likes them? Absolutely not! Even if you are short, you can now feel the confidence and authority that tall men feel through a very simple solution that we have provided for you. These short man shoes or Heels for Men are available at

The easiest way for shorter men to increase their height and make that good first impression is to wear shoes that make men taller There are amazing, height increasing shoes available in the market. These are fine, handcrafted pure leather shoes. They have a carefully concealed inner lining. This inner lining is what adds to your height. This concealed inner lining ensures that your men's heels are not visible on the outside. So you can wear these Short Men's Shoes and no one will even notice. The shoes available from are also known as elevator shoes, taller shoes or tall shoes as well. The advantages of wearing this shoe is that no one even notices that you are wearing anything different and you appear tall and confident as you should. You might even wonder whether these shoes will make you look strange. With our assurance you can step into a pair and see for yourself.


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