Towbar towing tips for beginners

Thinking about going bush with a camper trailer or on a family trip with a caravan - Here are some handy tips

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Are you thinking of taking a holiday with your family in your camper trailer (you can read more about campers here)? Then there are some handy tips which you must keep in mind. These tips will help you a lot during your vacations and will ensure that you have a hassle free holiday in the outbacks or any where across the beautiful Australian landscape. Going on a holiday is to have fun and not to get stuck in a situation which makes you wonder why you got into all the hassles to take this holiday.

  • The first thing to do before even embarking on any journey is to check your caravan or camper trailer manual. This will enable you to understand the kind of vehicle that would be needed to be able to tow the caravan. This gives an idea of which towbars need to be installed. You could also phone a towbar company like and ask for some advice on which towbar would be best suited to your towing needs.
  • Your trailer must have a hitch package. You need to ensure that it is there. The hitch package allows you to connect the battery of the towing vehicle to the electronics on your trailer
  • You must check all the view mirrors on your vehicle including the side mirror attachments. This allows you to get a good view of the vehicle trying to overtake your trailer. This safety precaution will help you avoid any mishaps or accidents
  • You must also ensure that all your lights are working properly especially the rear lights. The rear lights are an indicator on a highway that your trailer is on the road
  • Ensure that you check all the wiring and connections from the trailer to the vehicle. The wiring must be of the correct length and should enable you to take proper turns on the road. Checking for the correct tyre pressure is also very important. The leveling of your trailer should also be checked. Your towbar connections should be completely examined to see that all the bolts are fixed firmly in place and there are no loose screws
  • Ensure that everything you own and has been stacked on the trailer is kept properly and safely. The cases should be kept in such a way that they do not move from their place and do not crash or cause accidents
  • Ensure that all your insurance papers are in place before you begin travel
  • The final and most important tip to be kept in mind is that you should only embark on a holiday is when you have had enough practice of driving your vehicle with a caravan/trailer attached to it. This is not very simple to do because the length of the vehicle takes some time to getting used to. Therefore driving downhill, or reversing the trailer are very vital to be practiced thoroughly before even thinking of a holiday trip in your camper trailer. This is also very important to check because you do not want the towbars on your camper to be damaged while travelling on a non leveled road
  • A towbar company in Brisbane like will help you install the towbar on your vehicle safely and securely and has professional towbar fitters who will do their best to ensure you have a good holiday.


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