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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using a Water Filter

under sink water filter

Water is vital for living organisms. It is necessary for normal functioning of the body's organs, the flushing of toxins and waste products, and also has structural properties a well. Without food, a human being is able to live for up to three weeks! But without water, the essential liquid of life, a person can only survive for a few days at most. Since water is a necessity for our survival, it is normally consumed several times a day by most individuals. Health specialists have even suggested that we drink 8 cups of water per day for optimal health. Considering the fact that we all need water to live, we must find ways to cleanse our water supplies for safe drinking. One of the most cost-effective solutions to the problem of unpurified water is to purchase a water filter. The following are 5 important advantages that are offered by today's water filters.

1) Better taste

One of the first things you will notice after installing a water filter is that your water tastes a whole lot better than before. This is a result of the filtration of chemicals, minerals, and other sediments that are present in tap water. If your home has older piping installed, the water will likely taste even worse because there will be a lot more gunk in it. While inexpensive faucet or container-style filters will work quite well for removing a lot of unwanted elements, under sink water filters tend to be even more effective at removing harmful substances from the water. The drawback is that they are sometimes more costly and their installation can be more complicated.

2) Less chlorine

Chlorine is added to tap water as a disinfectant. While chlorine does kill a variety of different harmful microbes, it also has significant disadvantages. Firstly, chlorine impacts the taste of tap water, giving it a somewhat artificial and chemical like taste. Drinking chlorine-filled tap water can be reminiscent of taking a big gulp of pool water at a public swimming pool. Put simply, it tastes horrible! Secondly, chlorine can be linked to several different diseases including cancer. For years, people have been questioning the health hazards of adding chlorine to drinking water. Do the pros outweigh the cons? After all, chemists describe chlorine as a poisonous, corrosive, and gaseous element that has an intoxicating odour. Chlorine levels can be significantly reduced by making use of a modern water filter.

3) Fewer chlorine-resistant pathogens

As effective as chlorine may be against certain water-borne pathogens, others are unaffected by this potentially hazardous water disinfectant. A water filter will reduce the amount of bacteria in tap water that remain even after the chlorine has been added. This benefit cannot be overlooked as pathogenic microbes can cause a slew of dangerous illnesses including: botulism, cholera, e-coli infections, dysentery, typhoid fever, and many others. These powerful diseases can cause diarrhoea and result in an upset stomach, vomiting, fever, organ failure, and in rare cases, death.

4) Decreased lead content

Tap water may contain high amounts of lead as a result of old water piping. Lead can be extremely harmful to human health because it is linked to mental and physical retardation, decrease in learning ability, high blood pressure, and kidney disease. Lead can be introduced to water when it is heated at high temperatures. Lead-saturated water is most dangerous for developing children and the elderly. Luckily, undersink water filters are can be quite effective at decreasing the overall lead content in drinking water.

5) Reduction of sediment

In addition to chlorine and lead, other unappetizing sediments can accumulate in water. These may include sand, soil, dust, rust, and more. Sediments usually discolour the water, giving it a cloudy and dirty look. With the aid of filtration devices, tap water sedimentation can be brought to an all-time low.


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